Saturday, October 28, 2006


A new update

I made some changes in the original Orange theme... and now it's works in Firefox 2.0. Al least, in a Windows PC.
If you find any bug please report it.
Install the Orange theme (Firefox 2.0)


Thanks for the search engine submit, I really appreciate it.

Next time you submit one, please do it via email. You can reach me at

I'm going to do a profile of your search engine and post it on my site by Sunday. Thanks for your participation.
Thanks a lot for making this theme usable with Firefox again !!! - But Ive to admit that I love the black Style of this theme more ... - Do you think that its possible to offer also a download of black Maple nu theme, working with FF 2.0 ? Would be very happy !!!
could you pls. offer a download for the black Maple nu theme, too ?! THANKS A LOT !!!!
I don't have much time.
Indeed, the orange theme have some bugs and i didn't have time to fix it.
:( sorry.
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