Sunday, January 01, 2006


Two options

Now you have two options:
-The Orange Theme (This is the original Orange theme, but... compatible with Firefox 1.5!!!).
-The Unofficial Orange Theme (compatible with Firefox 1.5). It introduces white tabs, orange letters in the tabs and a orange background in the tabbar.

Install the Orange theme
Install the Unofficial Orange theme

Thank You very much
You're welcome
YES! I love you so much.
(gah, this is a terrible account. i need a blogger thing that doesn't suck.)
Hey there Unofficial Orange maker man :)

I've loved Unofficial Orange ever since you made it, have not uninstalled or tried anything else since then. It's simply the BOMB.

I've just upgraded to Firefox 2.0, and of course it's looking mighty dull & boring now in comparison!

I know updating the theme is a lot of work, but if you can find the time it would be so hugely appreciated. I've been trawling through the themes tonight, but nothing else comes even close to Orange/Unofficial Orange for me.

If you can't do it, please accept my thanks for the last couple of years of beautiful browser chrome you've given me anyway. :)

Hi Karen.
I will try to make a update. I use Unofficial Orange too and... i miss it when i open Firefox 2.
Of course, i don't know when the update will be ready. I will notify you.
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