Wednesday, December 14, 2005


New Update - Unnoficial Orange 0.2.6

Ok. I make some fixes.
I removed "that strange dynamic link button in the address bar".
Now the theme looks better.
Install Orange for firefox 1.5
Thanks LeMarquis.

Great work on making Orange compatible with 1.5!

However... I can't handle the godawful orange bg that is now on the tabbar, & the height of the tabbar has been increased to some monstrous size.

You've written that there are a couple of "small changes" to Orange in this Unofficial version... however, these 2 changes are most definitely not small!

Please remove them! Or give us an option to remove the "unofficial" changes.

I have absolutely no doubt that the creator of Orange would agree -- Orange is supposed to be MINIMAL & non-obtrusive, but the unofficial version with its changes is, quite honestly, just plain ugly, so it really ain't any improvement on the broken "official" Orange.
I will include a update without my changes. But, first...
Can you test it?
Please tell me if the height of the tabbar is now normal.
Yeah, the tab bar is far too big...

Any chance on updating the Black theme? It should be pretty easy for you since it's the exact same as orange. I love the style of this theme but I can't stand the orange color.
Erm, I meant it was too big... That other one you posted is fine.
-"Any chance on updating the Black -theme?"
-Not now.

-"It should be pretty easy for you since it's the exact same as orange. "
-Simple? jejejeje... It's not a simple task.
Well, I decided to fix the black theme myself.. I took you're unofficial orange, replaced the image files with the black ones, changed a couple colors, the GUID, and renamed it.
Great work Iza. I tested it and works fantastic.
Please don't be upset with me. I couldn't update the black theme because i have a lot of work (i am making a dissertation for my Master).
I will include a link to your black theme in the left bar of this blog.
If you create a web page for the unofficial black theme please tell me about it.
Thank you both for your efforts with these themes! Could one of you possibly make these themes compatible with Thunderbird V1.5.0.4+ ? I don't have a clue how to go about this task or I wouldn't ask. All the same, thanks for bumping these up! Great job! I only hope the original developer will get back too these asap. You can comment here, or preferably on my blog. (That way I'll get notice about your reply.) Thanks!
BigThunder1: Orange and Black were created for firefox and have the images and css files needed in Firefox. To use these themes with Thunderbird we need new images and new css files.
If somebody have the skills and time i can assist him to create a orange or black theme for Thunderbird.
┬┐How to edit a theme?
First download the orange theme and a thunderbird theme (for example: Johannes Schellen's Pinball Theme).
Then you must read this:
And then you need to compare the orange theme and the thunderbird theme to find which images and css files are needed.
Thank you! I read the thread and am greatfull for the info! I will look into this as time permits. I myself am busy with things as well. It may be some time before I get to it, so if anyone else does before I do and you catch wind of it, I'd appreciate someone dropping a line my way to inform me. Otherwise I'll return the favor if and when I can get to the task myself, or I catch wind of it's completion, which ever comes about first. I've never attempted anything like this, have no formal edu. regarding any of this, but look forward to giving it a try. All my knowledge (if you will) is self taught regarding all PC related things. I'm a total newb in this regard and view it as a hobby at this point. In time I hope to become proficient enough to hopefully create something myself one day to give back to the web community for all that have so graciously given their time and effort without charge. Thanks again for the direction! TTYL... :)
Btw, I'm not sure when you made the comment about working on your dissertation for your Master, but wishing you all the best of luck with it and a great future in your choosen field. Currious what your Master is!
:) jajajaja... nothing about design. It is a Master in Political Science (International relations).
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